As a military family, frequent moves create many challenges. Our top priority with each new assignment has always been to find the best educational program and environment for our children. ɫӰ has provided just that and more for our kids here in Colorado Springs. The high school’s rigorous college-prep program has prepared our 2 boys for the high demands of post-secondary education. The elementary and middle schools never cease to amaze me in challenging our daughter to excel in all core subjects unlike any other schools we have attended in 4 other states.   All three children have since tested well above state level. ɫӰ has provided a small, close knit community where education, character development and love of country go hand-in-hand. These are exemplified in their frequent school assemblies. Whether attendance here is temporary or extended, the benefits of a James Irwin education will stay with your child challenging all others schools to compare. – Proud military spouse and parent

Being a faculty member at James Irwin Charter High School is the apex of being a high school teacher. I have worked at a number of schools in my career and I can say with absolute clarity and conviction that this institution upholds the highest academic standards I have ever worked with. More importantly, the staff and students at this institution are committed to a program of character development that goes beyond a dress code and generalized behavioral expectations. We as teachers are encouraged to model proper character on a daily basis in order to develop our charges completely. – Current Teacher

Attending James Irwin thoroughly prepared me for college.  This school provides a safe and positive learning environment in which the teachers encourage students in their academic work as well as in their co-curricular activities.  When I missed a class or felt like I was falling behind, the teachers were there to support me by meeting with me during planning periods, before and after school, and during passing periods.  The teachers want to see their students succeed to the best of their ability.  It is important to the faculty and staff at James Irwin to ensure a positive learning environment for students, and they do an excellent job of preparing their students for college.  When I graduated and was getting ready for college, I felt nervous. However, once I got to college and began my classes, I was able to see how prepared I was.  James Irwin does an incredible job equipping their students for the future.   – Alumni

I have had the unique opportunity to be at James Irwin in three different roles: student, teacher, and administrator. I have also had experience at all three of our schools: elementary, middle and high. I have come to deeply appreciate the courage and vision the founders had to challenge the status quo and start a school with high academic and behavioral expectations.  But the people who pursue those values are what really make the difference here. The guiding question for teachers and administrators at James Irwin is, “What is best for students?” I’m proud to be a part of such a talented and passionate educational community. – ɫӰ Advocate